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ABC’s of Healthy Gaming

Activate your passion for improvement. Make small changes at first, but choose to be better today then you were yesterday. Take it one step at a time and create the bigger picture that makes you a better gamer from the inside out. In game you want your character to perform optimally, see yourself as someone who can also perform optimally with a balance that activates a better version of yourself. Form new habits in posture, nutrition or stress management, just ask and we can get you the finer details.


With forming new habits that solve the issues you face, you will be building yourself from the ground up, a new foundation that makes gaming even more fun because you can do it longer and with greater success. If something isn’t working, you’ve got to think about taking steps to get back on the right path. You may need help identifying these and that’s what we’re here for, you cant always see from the inside what it is that’s keeping you from getting better or feeling better so reach out to the architects who can be great coaches in times of need.


This one is easy but is so hard to remember. Reach out, connect with others who understand you, make it a point to talk to those out there who can relate and make suggestions. Some people can be great to give you general advice and keep you feeling positive like Streamers or your clan mates but sometimes you need to make that bigger connection with someone more professional. Bad days happen and group discussion can do wonders, if school or family is getting you down, try opening up to a broader chat on your favorite streamers channel. If its an ongoing issue like constant wrist pain or neck pain that keeps you from getting to sleep, reach out to organizations like ours to get you working with the right tools or to get you set with new habits that will cause you to do A and B better!



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