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The Xbox Loft and Meeting Great People

Sunday concluded our last day at the Xbox Loft and brought us close to the community in ways we didn’t think would happen in the first few months of operation. We managed to meet and connect with 2 professional eSports team which we look forward to sponsoring throughout the next 6 months as they prepare and compete in their respective tournaments. Prize pools for the 2 combined tournaments are over 2 million dollars. These young gamers are very excited to make a name for themselves and see the direct relationship between what we offer and how well they might perform. For most just having the support system to provide coaching and advice is enough but for others there are serious underlying issues that cause them pain or strain deep within the muscles or nerves throughout the hands arms neck and back. One League of Legends player from the University of Toronto team had an ulnar nerve issue which caused him pain in the pinky finger and with some manual therapy walked away feeling better than he had in a long time. He will for sure be gaming with a new fresh feel when he grips the mouse and clicks clicks clicks away.

Below is a video from day 1 where we taught the basics of movement and functional military training for the release of Halo 5

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