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Xbox Green Smoothie

Our little partnership with Xbox Canada had me thinking: what can I offer gamers as a healthy snack alternative to the caffeine and sugar loaded beverages they would find in any corner store? And how can I prove that this simple mix of fresh ingredients will provide a sustained energy kick that won’t cause the crash that colas and other marketed energy drinks will.

I present the Xbox Green Smoothie!

This recipe is so simple and its pretty likely that your parents already buy a few of these items. Imagine the look on moms face when you hand her this simple recognizable list of 5 ingredients.


Makes 2 serving

1 Can of Coconut milk
1 Banana
1 Green Apple (Macintosh) 
1 Handful of Frozen Chopped Spinach (or Cubed)
1 Table Spoon of Plain Greek Yogurt


This is a throw everything in a blender and hit liquify type of process, no need to worry about a system. Believe me, if it wasn’t super easy and super tasty I wouldn’t do it!

The output will provide you with 2 large smoothies so either save half in the fridge or better yet pass a glass to your friend.

The Macros you get on this drink works perfectly for quality sustained energy, having totally natural sugars, there will be no crash and the total calorie count should be enough to last you a good 4-6 hours of gaming. Brag to your parents about all the great nutrients you’re getting from the spinach (its a vegetable!) and fruit and keep your muscle tissue healthy with the great protein and fat levels you’re getting from the Greek Yogurt and Coconut Milk.



Try this Smoothie recipe to kick off your next 24hour stream or before your next match and let us know what you think!



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